Please telephone the firm or send an email to see if we will be able to help you.

T. 01252 820 500
F. 01252 820 510

We will be happy to speak with you on the phone. We will tell you when we will need to start charging you and what our rates will be. We will try to give you our best estimate and discuss the budget with you.

(We aim to get back to you within two hours of your call if we are in the office. If we, for some reason, are slow in calling you back, please do not hesitate to call us again to chase us.)

We are happy to work over the telephone and email once the necessary ID checks are completed and the terms are agreed, but if you wish to see us in person, which still is the ideal way to get to know what is required and work out the strategy, we are naturally very glad to meet with you.

We can visit your offices. Personal visits to our offices are by appointment only. We are based in Farnham in Surrey and Gravesend in Kent. We also have access to meeting facilities in Central London.

Meadow Lodge
Lobswood Manor
GU10 3RW

Look forward to hearing from you.